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A bill (H.B. 1103) has been introduced in the Texas legislature that would declare inoperable vehicles "junked vehicles" if they lack proper licensing or motor vehicle registration and are either dismantled or have remained inoperable on private property for more than 15 consecutive days. As you may know, having a "junked vehicle" in Texas can open hobbyists up to fines and possible removal of valuable project and parts cars by local officials.

We Urge You to Contact Your State Legislators in Opposition to This Bill

H.B. 1103 establishes an unreasonably short 15-day time period for hobbyists to license or get parts and project cars inspected before Texas law considers these vehicles "junk." Current law allows for 45 days.

H.B. 1103 would make it difficult for hobbyists to work on collector vehicles on private property.

H.B. 1103 demonstrates a lack of understanding of the vehicle hobby and the rights of hobbyists.

Contact your state legislators in opposition to this proposed legislation. This bill tramples on the rights of vehicle enthusiasts and collectors in Texas. If you need assistance in determining who your legislators are, please contact the Texas Legislature Information Lines at 512-463-1252 fo r the Senate and 512-463-0845 for the House of Representatives. This information can also be obtained by calling the SEMA Washington, D.C. office at 202/783-6007 or via the internet at

Please fax a copy of your letters to us at 202/783-6024 or mail to:

SEMA Washington Office

1317 F St., NW, Ste. 500

Washington, D.C, 20004

Attn- Steve McDonald/Brian Caudill