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Constitution / Bylaws

Constitution and By-Laws

The name of this organization is the Victori-A's Chapter of the Model "A" Ford Club of America and the Model "A" Restorers Club. Organization Headquarters is in the City of Victoria, Texas.

The purposes of this club is
SEC 1. To serve as a medium for exchange of ideas, information, and parts for admirers of the Model "A" Ford car, and to aid members in their efforts to restore and preserve the car in its original likeness. The club will provide general supervision, direction, and assistance within its capabilities to its members in their restoration efforts.

SEC 2. To unite in a central organization all owners of Model "A" s in the area who are interested in restoring and maintaining the Model "A" so as to develop respect in the community and on the highway for both the car and the club and its members.

SEC 3. To build and maintain a tradition as a club with pride and prestige.

SEC 4. To set the highest standards for club good-fellowship involving family participation in both business and social events with emphasis on restoring and driving the Model "A".

SEC 1. A. The club is a non-profit organization and shall be non-commercial, non-sectarian, and non-partisan.

B. In the event that the Club is disbanded, any assets remaining after all bills and encumbrances have been paid will be contributed to a charitable or non-profit organization approved by the State and/or the Internal Revenue Service and the voting members.

SEC 2. Interest in the objectives of the club and a desire to take an active part in club activities are the primary requirements for membership. An applicant must be of good character, display sincerity of purpose, and be encouraged to join the Model "A" Ford Club of America, and the Model "A" Restorers Club. All officers will join the Model "A" Ford Club of America and the Model "A" Restorer's Club. An applicant need not possess a Model "A" Ford, the only restriction on such members being that he/she will not be permitted to participate in formal Model "A" parades, driving events, or displays sponsored by the club with any other than a Model "A".

SEC. 3. Members will receive the club's official publication ("The Steering Wheel"), a copy of this Constitution/Bylaws, a membership roster, notices of club activities, and have a right to vote.

SEC 4. Dues.

A. Local dues for family members are $10.00 annually payable in advance of the first day of January. The Model "A" Ford Club of America and The Model "A" Restorers Club dues will be paid directly to the national clubs by the members.

B. Dues paid by a new applicant on or after 1 October of any given year are considered payment for the following fiscal year.

C. Dues for the following fiscal year are payable on or after October 1 and are considered in default on January 1. Club officers will review each case individually and decide upon a course of action including recommending to the membership that the defaulting member be expelled.

D. Resignation. A member may resign by submitting a written request to the Secretary. Resignation does not relieve any person of obligations owed the club.

E. Terminating Membership. A majority vote of regular or special meeting members at which a quorum is present is sufficient to expel a member. Such action will be a last resort following appropriate efforts and hearings by the officers to rectify the problem.

F. Reinstatement. Upon written request to the President an expelled member will be considered for reinstatement by the membership.. A majority vote of regular or special meeting members at which a quorum is present is sufficient to reinstate the former member.
SEC 1. REGULAR MEETINGS. Regular meetings will be held each month with the dual purpose of transacting business and gathering together socially.

1A. Annual membership meeting. The annual membership meeting will be held in September.

SEC 2. SPECIAL MEETINGS. Special meetings may be called by the President. If another officer, or a sizeable portion of the membership (33 1/3% or more) desire a special meeting, arrangements will be made through the President.

SEC 3. NOTICE OF MEETINGS. Regular meetings will be announced in the monthly issue of "The Steering Wheel", postcard, or the telephone, as situation dictates. In any event the purpose, place, and time of the meeting will be disseminated not less than three days before the meeting.

SEC 4. ANNUAL ELECTION. The annual election of officers will be held at the November meeting.

SEC 5. QUORUM. For Special Called meetings, one-third of the membership present constitutes a quorum, and is required to conduct business.

SEC 6. AGENDA. The following shall constitute the order of business:

1. Call the meeting to order
2. Approval of minutes of last meeting*
3. Treasurers report
4. Old business
5. New business**
6. Correspondence
7. Adjourn

*(The minutes of the last meeting will be sent out one week or more prior to the next regular meeting date).

**(Normally, new business items should be brought to the officers a week in advance of the meeting. All new business items shall be reported to the chapter by the officers).
Officers (Elected)
SEC 1. The club will have a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Tour Chairperson. Officers will be elected at the November meeting and serve for the following calendar (also fiscal) year.

SEC 2. PRESIDENT. The principal executive officer of the club. Responsible for supervising and controlling all of the business and social affairs of the club through his/her action or the delegation of authority as necessary. He/she will preside at all the meetings of the officers and/or members and perform all duties to his/her office as President.

SEC 3. VICE-PRESIDENT. In the absence of or at the request of the president as outlined in SEC 2 immediately above, he/she performs the duties of the president, and also is responsible for compiling and maintaining the point system for the Driver of the Year Award.

SEC 4. SECRETARY. Keeps minutes of meetings. Handle club correspondence as necessary and as directed by the President. Maintains the master membership roster for the Chapter (including complete addresses and telephone numbers) and performs all duties incident to the office of Secretary.

SEC 5. TREASURER. Receives, safeguards and dispenses all chapter funds. Maintain up-to-the-minute records and reports thereon at each regular meeting and/or as requested by any of the club officers.

SEC 6. TOUR CHAIRPERSON. Plans for, supervises, and operates Victori-A's chapter tours. Obtains help of other members as necessary for the larger tours that require extensive preparation and control.

SEC 7. VACANCIES. A vacancy resulting from any cause will be filled by a special election of members at the next regular club meeting. If a quorum is not present, the President may call a special meeting, if in his/her judgment, replacement action is essential prior to the next scheduled regular meeting.
SEC 1. EDITOR. "The Steering Wheel". Appointed for one year by the President. Publishes the club paper using existing procedures and within club budget limitations. Improve the quality of the paper and efficiency of the operation as circumstances and opportunities present themselves.

SEC 2. SPECIAL COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON. Appointed as necessary for special events (i.e. Christmas parties, special shows or parades, multi-club, statewide, or national tours sponsored by the Victori-A's etc.) Appointments will be made by the President and be made for the special event only.

SEC 3. DRIVING EVENTS CHAIRPERSON. Appointed for one year by the President. Develops, trains, and directs multi-member coordinated, driving event procedures and techniques for use in parades, meets, or driving displays.
Fiscal Matters
SEC 1. The clubs Fiscal year begins on 1 January and ends on 31 December.
SEC 2. Neither officers nor members will be paid for pure services rendered the Club. However, reimbursement will be made when a significant expense is incurred on behalf of the club by any officer or member. If and when a reimbursement is justified will be a matter of judgment to be decided by the person incurring the expense and the officers of the club. (e.g. Obviously the editor must be paid for the expense of producing "The Steering Wheel". An officer might be entitled to gasoline money for a trip out of town solely to coordinate an inter-club tour or activity. On the other hand a chairman would not ask for payment of small inter-zone phone calls levied as a result coordinating club activities.)


SEC 1. Gorman Prince Award of Excellence
1. Calendar year for this award shall be October 1 - September 30 of the following year.
2. A car may be eligible for competition for two consecutive years.
3. A car to be eligible must be declared in competition by the owner.
4. The trophy shall be returned to the President of the Club at the September Meeting, and the Judges may award the Trophy at the October meeting.
5. The trophy does not have to be awarded, if the Judges so decide.
6. Judging must take place during the first 2 weeks in August.
7. Judges shall be:
a. Members of the Victori-A's and vote shall be by secret ballot.
b. No person eligible to be a Judge may enter competition unless they relinquish their right to be a judge.
8. Basis for judging: (The following shall be areas of consideration):
a. Emphasis on workmanship.
b. Ground up restoration.
c. Authentic to Original (Use MAFCA/MARC Judging standards as a guide).
d. Drivability of car shall be considered.
e. In the case of ties or similar qualifications of vehicles, the official point system shall be used.
f. Emphasis shall be placed on owner restoration as opposed to
professional restoration.
9. Should the holder of the Trophy terminate his membership from the club or relocate his place of residence beyond a 150 mile radius of Victoria, Texas, he/she shall return the Trophy to the President immediately.

These Bylaws may be altered, amended or repealed and new bylaws adopted through the consent of a majority of voters constituting a quorum at a regular or special meeting of the membership. At least one month notice must be given each member of intention to change, amend, repeal, or replace these Bylaws at such meeting.
ADOPTED: 09/27/92
01/26/93 Approved & Added SEC 6 (ARTICLE II).
06/25/95 Approved & Changed BYLAWS SEC 2 (Membership), and SEC 4A (Dues).
06/29/96 Approved & Changed BYLAWS ARTICLE II SEC 1A, Added SEC 4 - ANNUAL ELECTION - Changed to November meeting. SEC 5 - Changed to - For special called meetings, and is required to conduct business. BYLAW ARTICLE III, SEC 1 - Changed to elected in November.
05/21/00 Approved and changed Bylaw ARTICLE III, SEC 1. Added Tour Chairperson to an elected position. BYLAW ARTICLE IV - Removed Tour Chairperson from appointed position and added to elected position.