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Meeting Minutes

To keep all our members informed, here are the minutes of our last meeting .

MARCH 11,2017

Buddy Perkins led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance and Gaylon Vaughn said the blessing before our meal.

The meeting was called to order by President James Kasper at 1:30pm. at Kloesel's Steak House in Moulton TX.

The minutes of last meeting were read by Secretary Chris Kasper. There were no corrections to the minutes. A motion to accept minutes as read was made by Teresa Spellacy and seconded by Ron Albert. All approved minutes as read.

The Treasurer's Report was given by Treasurer Gail Henrichs. She reported the beginning balance. Collected $20.00 in dues and wrote a check to Doris Perkins for $70.36 for printer toner, and another to M & R Printing for $200.00 for down payment for Club Shirts. Collected registration fees for Poor Boy Tour in the amount of $1287.24. A motion was made by Teresa Spellacy to accept minutes as read and seconded by J R Rusch. All approved treasurer's report as given.

Gaylon Vaughn, Willie Sanders, Hollis Millard and James Kasper went on March 8th and set up the routes for Poor Boy Tour. As of March 1st there are 31 cars registered for the Poor Boy Tour. Deadline to register is March 27th.

Gail Henrichs will be the new person in charge of the fashion show for the Poor Boy Tour. Gail requested anyone who wants to enter the fashion show to write the information down. Willie Sanders made a motion to allocate $100.00 for snacks and drinks for registration and hospitality room for the Poor Boy Tour. Seconded by Steve Whiddon. Registration time will be 3-6 pm Friday and 7-8 am Saturday. We will not have a meeting in April because of the Poor Boy Tour. Doris Perkins has some club shirts if anyone wants one, contact her.

Our next meeting will be May 13th at Fannin Monument. We will have a BBQ so bring a side dish and any games to share. Those who wish to drive their cars meet at 9am at Mission Valley Clinic.

A motion to adjourn was made by Bill Spellacy and seconded by Teresa Spellacy. Meeting was adjourned at 2:45pm by President James Kasper.

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Kasper, Secretary

Member Attendees:
James & Chris Kasper
Gary & Betty East
Bill & Teresa Spellacy
Buddy & Doris Perkins
Gary & Gail Henrichs
Ron & Nena Albert
Gaylon Vaughn
Willie Sanders
Hollis & Flo Millard
Norrell Schulte
J R Rusch
Steve & Nancy Whiddon