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 Victori'A's Events in 2000 Calendar

Month_____________Event_________Time & Place

January Meeting Richards Shop  23rd 3:00 pm
February Black History Parade 12th

One Day Drive and meeting 26th Kenedy


Meet Oakhill @8:00

March Victoria Livestock Parade 4th

Meeting and Drive 18th

Meet Whataburger at Sam's 8:00
April Poor Boy Tour Bryan/College Station 7th -9th(Meeting)that weekend also.

Galveston Air Show 29th-30th call Richard for details.

Meet at Whataburger at SAM's 7:00am:
May Spring Festival Columbus Texas 19th -21st (Meeting that weekend aslo) Meet Whataburger at SAM's 8:30
June Texas Tour 37th at Plano 7th thru 11th and meeting Leave Whatburger @Sam's@9:00 on the 6th
July Fredericksburg Swap meet and meeting 28th-30th Meeting Will Wagners space @11:30 on the 29th at Swap meet grounds
August One Day drive and meeting (to be announced)  
September Annual Fun Day and meeting 23rd South Texas Electric Coop Park at Nursery 10:00 till 4:00 
October Autumn A’s Tour and meeting Columbus Texas 20th-22nd  Meet at Whatburger SAM's at 7:30am
November Fish Fry and meeting plus election of officers at Richards Shop behind TARGET 18th Meal At Noon meeting at 2:30
December Meeting and Christmas Parade in Victoria 2th

Christmas Party 16th (place to be announced)



700 Main at 3:00 for meeting . Parade prep at 4:30.