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The Texas Region of the Model 'A' Ford Club of America

March 2, 1999

TO: Tex A's Member Clubs

INFO: Texas Model A Ford Clubs


LEGISLATIVE ALERT - See the attached information concerning confiscation of privately owned property (if it looks like an auto

At the Model T Ford Club of America National Membership Meeting this past weekend (Feb. 26-28) in Austin, their national legislative monitor talked about California and Missouri proposing laws to remove "junked vehicles" from private property. On March 1st we received the attached legislative alert that the gents in Austin are looking to do the same thing here in Texas. Please heed the request to contact your legislators to stop the bill in its' present form. Form letters do not do much good. Personal letters and phone calls to the local legislators offices work best. But you have to do it, or don't complain if things like this become law.

Minutes of the February 13th Tex A's Winter Meeting are included with this mailing.

Hemmings' is offering your Club a free listing in the annual Hemmings' Vintage Auto Almanac. If your Club has not received an application check a recent issue of Hemmings' for the form or call Hemmings'at, 1-800-227-4373, ask for Wendy at Ext. 581. NOTE: The information must be into them by March 25th. So do it today.

Hemmings' will also give your Club a free listing for Club events on their Internet Word Wide Web site. See the sheet included with this mailing.


Victoria A's Chapter of MAFCA is hosting the Texas Model A 36th "A" Tour in Victoria June 3 5. If anyone needs a registration form you can get one off the Internet at If more information is needed try 361-578-2629 or 361-575-5319, or e-mail at

This mailing is going to all Texas Model A Clubs listed in The Restorer and the Model 'A " News. If your Club has not updated your mailing address for the national organizations now is the time to do it. All Clubs are included in this mailing because we think the legislative alert affects all of us and is important to our hobby. Costs of mailing to non-member clubs is being covered by a private grant so no Tex A's funds are used. If your Club is not a member of the Tex A's consider joining to keep up to date on Texas Model A news and supporting the Model A tours and hobby in Texas. For more information contact the Tex A's Secretary at 4424 Idledell Dr., Fort Worth TX 76116-7611, Phone or Fax 1-817-244-2340.